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The Visual Representation of Trauma

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Photographs of Victims In Dresden



Bowyer, Chaz. Taken Feb. 13/14 1945. Viewed 7 Nov. 2007. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dresden_Aerial_View_-_February_13_14_1945.jpg

The aerial raid of Dresden on the night of February 13th/early morning of February 14th. The multiple fires formed together to make one huge firestorm. The temperatures in parts of the city reached up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.



Peter, Richard. Taken Sept. 1945. Published 1949. Viewed 7 Nov. 2007. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dresd_4.jpg>.

An aerial view of the city of Dresden after the bombing. The statistics differ between the enemies and the country of the victims. Britain reported that 80% of the civilian dwellings had been damaged in some way and 50% were severely damaged and unlivable.



A few of the suffocated and burnt victims of the fire-bombing. This was a family; a mother and her children. Many victims ended up like this from the bombing. This may look horrifying but it was actually one of the lesser results of the fire. Many other victims were completely incinerated and burnt to ashes. Others melted where they stood or sank into the bubbling pavement. All that remained of the victims was a 3 foot pile of melted human and congealed fat.



Leichen, Bergung von. Taken Feb. 1945 Viewed 16 Nov. 2007. http://www.dhm.de/lemo/objekte/pict/ph003736/index.jpg

Victims of the bombing who’s dead, burnt, and decomposing bodies were taken from the places they had died at and were massed together on the street. These victims’ fates were decided by the oxygen burning fires that robbed them of air and suffocated them to death.




Many piles of bodies (like the one above) could be found throughout the city. The bodies were piled up by the advancing Soviet troops as they passed through the city. The Soviets also uselessly destroyed many institutions and dwellings as well as raping the women of Germany as they advanced through the country.

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