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The German Response

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The German Response

          The Germans only political response for the bombing of Dresden was to use it as propaganda to boost morale and further continue the German war efforts. Do remember at this point in the war the Germans were losing on almost all fronts and the war ended only three months later when the Soviets marched through Berlin and Hitler had poisoned and shot himself. Joseph Goebbels wanted to use the bombings as an excuse to abandon the Geneva Conventions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_ War_II). The Geneva Conventions were four treaties signed by almost two hundred nations that implicated laws in the nations of the signers to treat all civilians, non-combatants, and POW’s with humane treatment. The bombing of German cities were so horrible that Germans of the time called it the Bombenholocaust or “Bombing Holocaust” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_ Dresden_in_World_War_II). Jorg Friedrich declared that any bombings that took place between the months of January and March of 1945 were war crimes because the bombings that late in the war served no military purpose.

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