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The Allies and Their Excuse for the Raid

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The Allies and Their Excuse for the Raid

          The bombing of innocent people such as women, children, and refugees is called “Morale Bombing” (Friedrich 49). Its purpose is to demoralize the country being bombed into surrendering. The allies said that civilians are not military targets until those civilians work in any war time industry. This includes the production of military supplies such as combat weapons and mental weapons, or, the will of the people to help their countrymen (Friedrich 59). It’s said that the bombing of cities and civilians of nations were agreed upon by all sides including the people, the parliament, and the armed forces (Friedrich 50). The German, British, and American civilians didn’t disagree with the bombings although I don’t recall hearing of any bombings on American soil during World War II.


          The allies say that they could justify the attacks but the intensity of the attacks could not be (http://www.meredith.edu/stones/newpage2.htm). The British pilots say they were told that they were bombing Gestapo Headquarters as well as poison gas plants and the Americans say they were told they were bombing railroad marshalling yards (http://www.meredith.edu/stones/newpage2.htm). In a way this is true. The USAAF did bomb the railroad yards but the only things in those railway cars were refugees fleeing the eastern front and the advance of the Soviet troops through the German countryside. Another pliable excuse the allies had come up with was to bomb eastern German cities to help the soviet advance. The soviets raped, pillaged, and destroyed whole German cities as they moved through them.


          The JIC or Joint Intelligence Committee said that the Germans could reinforce the eastern front with over five hundred thousand men from other fronts through cities such as Dresden. This was also backed up by the ULTRA Enigma-code breakers who said that they intercepted transmissions from German high command that said the Germans did plan to reinforce the eastern front. Soviet military intelligence said that the trains in Dresden’s railroad yards contained forces that were to head to the eastern front. As we know this is false. My favorite allied reason for the attack was actually by the British RAF who said that they had the desire to “show the Russians, when they arrive, what bomber command can do” (http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II).

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