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The Fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany

     The first postmemory that came to mind was one of my mothers. Growing up she always spoke about the firebombing of Dresden. Until recently I had almost no idea why. Her Great Uncle lived there and we have no idea if he was ok after the bombing. My postmemory project will expose the unjust actions of the Allies during World War II, more specifically the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany during World War II. It was one of many controversial bombings of German cities by the allies during the war. It was controversial in that the bombings were unnecessary for the defeat of Hitler and his Third Reich. The bombing took place near the end of the war when it was said that the war had already been won. Although Germany wasn't innocent by far for the crimes and injustices they committed; the retaliation by the allies in the bombings of innocent civilian and refugee populations was disturbing and uncalled for. The following texts and media will serve as evidence and will be used to persuade you, the reader, to see these barbaric actions in the same ways that I do.


The Air Raid of Dresden

The Allies and Their Excuse for the Raid

The German Response

Photographs of the Innocent Victims of Dresden


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